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Why Trust QLD Holiday Guide?

Why Trust QLD Holiday Guide?

QLD Holiday Guide would provide you, our visitors, assurance of our integrity and credibility. We want you to give us full confidence when you plan your next Queensland holiday using our website and that our booking platform is safe and secure. We will also tell you the benefits you will reap by making a booking through QLD Holiday Guide.

About Us

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Holiday Guide is based in Perth and have been involved in the tourism business for over a decade with a lot of happy customer and clients. Due to our success in Western Australia, Holiday Guide has expanded to service tourists and holiday-goers in Queensland as well. We are passionate about our beautiful country Australia and are enthusiastic in making sure that all visitors will have the best experience they could ever get.

Where Your QLD Holiday Guide Booking Is Sent

QLD Holiday Guide are partners with the local Visitor Centres in Queensland, giving our website a delicate and professional booking engine that redirects your booking requests to be processed in the location you will be visiting. As a result, all of your bookings are processed locally in your destinations.

When you submit your booking on , your accommodation and tour bookings will be sent to the designated Visitor Centres in the area for processing. The experienced staffs in the Visitor Centre will then review and confirm your booking with the accommodation and tour operators. All payments are also processed and received by the Visitor Centre, making it easier for you to handle and get refunds if your plans need to be changed.

The Visitor Centre is also a reputable and independent place for you to go to if you are facing some problems or disagreements when dealing with your accommodation or tour in charge. They would be adequately equiped to assist you as they processed your bookings and would have the knowledge and information to act in your interest.

You are more than welcome to go into the Visitor Centre offices in person to ask for assistance and advice or have a conversation regarding your booking.

Book your accommodation and tours online with QLD Holiday Guide and you can have the ease of mind as a dedicated team of local Australians would be on your side providing you with necessary help and advices on your holiday to Queensland.