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Frequently Asked Questions Queensland

Queensland is a huge state with noticeable difference from other places in Australia. For most people coming abroad, practices and law in Queensland might be downright unfamiliar. But fear not, the QLD Holiday Guide have some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Queensland here for you. If you have any queries that is not covered on this list, feel free to contact us by e-mail or our through our help desk.

How Do I List My Business With QLD Holiday Guide?

If you own and run a tourism related business in Queensland, you can submit a request to list with us, just add your business details. Our fee is $300.00 plus $30 GST for a listing of 12 months.

What Are The Major Car Hire Brands In Queensland?

Currently we offer online booking externally for major car hire brands such as Avis, Budget and Hertz. We also offer external online booking links for Wicked Campers and Campervan Village.

You can also search for your preferred car hire operators by clicking on the car hire tab in the main menu.

How Do I Spell Accommodation?

Accommodation proved to be a hard word to spell for many people. We have seen countless different variations of mispelling throughout the year like accomodation, acomodation, acommodation and more. A trick to correctly spelling it is that it contains 2 c's and m's.

When Are School Holidays In Queensland?


Autumn - 1 April to 16 April
Winter - 1 July to 15 July
Spring - 22 September to 7 October
Summer - 15 December to 28 January (2019)

When Are Public Holidays In Queensland


New Year's Day - Monday 1 January
Australia Day - Friday 26 January
Good Friday - Friday 30 March
Easter Monday - Monday 2 April
ANZAC Day - Wednesday 25 April
Labour Day - Monday 7 May
Royal Queensland Show - Wednesday 15 August
Queen's Birthday - Monday 1 October
Christmas Day - Tuesday 25 December
Boxing Day - Wednesday 26 December


New Year's Day - Tuesday 1 January
Australia Day - Saturday 26 January
Good Friday - Friday 19 April
Easter Monday - Monday 22 April
ANZAC Day - Thursday 25 April
Labour Day - Monday 6 May
Royal Queensland Show - Wednesday 14 August
Queen's Birthday - Monday 7 October
Christmas Day - Wednesday 25 December
Boxing Day - Thursday 26 December

What Are The State Emblems Of Queensland?

Queensland's floral emblem is the Cooktown orchid since 1959. A species of orchid native to only the Queensland region of Australia. The plants are typically pinkish or purplish in colour but sometimes it can be almost white. The plant itself could grow up to 80cm tall and the flower itself on its stem is around 10 - 40 cm. The flower opens brightly when it blooms, a gesture most suited to the Sunshine State of Australia. The name refers to a town in Northern Queensland, Cooktown, which was named after Captain Cook himself as he beached at the area for ship repairs.

Queensland's bird emblem is the Brolga, also known as the Australian crane. It is a common but elegant-looking wetland bird species found in the more tropical parts of Australia like Queensland standing tall with a small head, thin and long neck, long sharp beak and a grey plumage. It has an orange band at the back of its head, making a striking contrast with the colour of the rest of its body. A majesty creature indeed.

Queensland's faunal emblem is the world famous koala, also satirically known as the drop bear. The koala is one of the most iconic animal in the world that people identify with Australia, having a grey fluffy coat, clumsy looking stances and seemingly hanging on a tree at all times. They typically live in eucalypt woodlands, feasting on its leaves.

What Driver's License Can I Use To Drive In Queensland?

While visiting Queensland, you can hire a car and explore the beautiful state on your own as long as you have valid overseas driving license and drive on the roads as long as you have a original copy of your drivers license from your home country. Typically, car hire companies would have policies requiring a person to be aged 21 and above in order to be able to rent a car. The road rules in Queensland are similar to most places in the world. For safety reason, it is mandatory for all passenger of the car to wear seat belts. In Queensland, we also drive on the left hand side.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Queensland?

The legal drinking age in Queensland is 18 years old and above, it is a violation of the law if you are found to be in possession of any alcoholic drinks. Identifications must be shown to verify your age before you are given access to any venue where alcohol is sold or consumed, including licensed premises and liquor stores.

What Time Zone is Queensland?

Queensland, like most eastern states in Australia, uses the AEST (Australian Eastern Time) or +10 GMT which means Brisbane is 10 hours ahead of London. Despite being on the same zone as Sydney, Queensland does not utilise daylight savings time and so may be an hour behind Sydney at times.

What Currency Does Queensland Use?

Like all other states in Australia, Queensland uses the Australian Dollar. The Australian Dollar is a floating currency, meaning that the value of a dollar floats with the market condition. The Australian Currency comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 on polymer notes and 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 on minted coins.

Can I Work In Queensland?

Overseas visitors must be in possession of a valid visa with subclauses that allows you to work in Australia, such as the working holiday visa, in order to partake in paid activities here. If you are interested in working in Queensland, you can consult a travel or migration agencies before coming for your visit.We recommend consulting a travel agency or a migration agency before you leave for your visit.

Why Should I Book With QLD Holiday Guide?

We are locals! Based in Queensland's Capital City of Brisbane, QLD Holiday Guide exists because we love Queensland and want you to see why. We are members of the Tourism Council Of Queensland, the Visitor Centre Association Of Queensland and are committed to providing excellent service. Your online booking is handled by people in the location that you are visiting. Through our QLD Visitor Centre Partners, all QLD Holiday Guide bookings are on file in the Visitor Centre of the town in which your booking is based so if there are any problems, you can enquire about your booking in person while on holiday.  

Does Queensland Have Wireless Internet?

In most urban areas of Queensland and especially in the capital city of Brisbane, there will be plenty of free wifi zones littered around. There are 3G and 4G capabilities on the mobile network if you choose to purchase a local SIM card to gain access. Most cafes, shopping complexes, public libraries and facilities offer free wifi access. There are also comprehensive wifi coverage throughout Brisbane CBD that you can make use of.

What Is A Visitor Centre?

Visitor Centres are dedicated outlets that most Australian towns have where experienced locals with extensive knowledge about the area are employed to provide information and assist visitors to the town. It is also a good place for you to book accommodation, car hires and tours, to ask for directions or to get maps or brochures of the area. QLD Holiday Guide partners with many of the Visitor Centres in Queensland to facilitate our online booking platform. When you book online with us, your booking is delivered to respective Visitor Centres of the place you are visiting for review and processing. That means your booking will be processed locally by people from the place you are visiting which you could come into contact with and make enquiries when you are there in personl. It makes a lot of difference and could give you ease of mind, a great reason for you to book with QLD Holiday Guide and the Visitor Centres.

When Are The Seasons In Queensland?

Summer is from December To February. Autumn (Fall) is from March to May. Winter is from June to August and Spring is from September to November. Most of Queensland have a subtropical climate, meaning most of the rainfall in the region would come from summer storms and winters would relatively dry and mild.

What Is The Capital City Of Queensland?

Brisbane is the capital City Of Queensland. Located on the Brisbane River near the eastern coast, Brisbane City is the third largest city in Australia housing over 2 million people. As a testament to its popularity as a city of art and culture, Brisbane has numerous visual art exhibitions and theatre performances throughout the year, with a lot of visiting international artists performing classical or modern music. Brisbane also features a distinct lifestyle, one that is more relaxed as compared to the hectic lifestyle in Melbourne and Sydney. Visitors can also take a break from the urban area by visiting numerous recreational parks located near the city such as the City Botanic Gardens or get up close and personal with cute koalas at the Koala Sanctuary. Brisbane City typically trades seven days a week from 9.00am till 5.30pm with the exception of Friday, where shops would open till 9.00pm at night, and Sunday, where shops typically open around 10.00am and closes at 4.00pm.

What Are Some Slang Terms Used By QLD Locals?

Most people take on a huge interest in how people speak when they come to Australia and indeed Australians do speak with some quirks that you may not be familiar with but worry not, we are sure that you will pick our unique lingo up after a short time. One of the most common term you may hear people in Queensland say is "G'day", short for "good day", a standard greeting phrase just like "hello". Typically, people also say "cheers" for "thank you" and "no worries" when they agree to do something for you or in stead of "you are welcome". Australians are also known to call other people "mate" as an indearing term to show their friendliness and hospitability. If you do not understand what a local is saying, do not hesitate to ask what they mean as they would be more than happy to give you a short lesson on our unique slangs, you will be speaking like one of us in no time!