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Charters Towers

Charters Towers Queensland

An enchanting town with a rich history of gold mining full of astounding heritage buildings, a testament to its prosperity in the past.

At a Glance

Originally founded as a gold mining town, Charters Towers boomed during the golden age of the mining era but it was quickly subsided when the boom is over. The town has however made extensive efforts to preserve the physical state of the time of prosperity by the conservation of old buildings. Today, Charters Towers is a major heritage site, with more than 60 significant preserved buildings that date back to the mining era. One notable building is the Stock Exchange Arcade, an amazing feat of architecture.

Being in the Outback, you can admire the outback landscape by heading out to the Towers Hill lookout. The largest battery facility in Australia - the Venus Gold Battery - is also located at Charters Towers. Through a tour of these locations, one can take a trip back through time and experience the good old age of prosperity in the past.

Charters Towers

Where is Charters Towers?


Charters Towers is 1311 kilometres northwest of Brisbane.

Charters Towers is located inland on a crossroad of three highways in Townsville North Queensland southeast of Townsville. It is near to the mainstream of the long and winding Burdekin River. The best way to get to Charters Towers is to take a plane to Townsville from one of the major cities and then transit via a car.

Things to see in Charters Towers


The Miner’s Cottage

The miner's cottage is right in town and well worth a visit. the guide is excellent and knowledge is outstanding. There is a video to watch, plenty of curious to check out and of course gold panning. Also, you can try your hand at finding gold. So much fun for everybody. A wonderful historical collection on display in the Miners Cottage. A really wonderful way to introduce Australia's history to children.

The Miner’s Cottage

Image Courtesy Tourism And Events Queensland


Stock Exchange Arcade

Stock Exchange Arcade is a place which is rich with history and many interpretive signs which make it a great visit at any time of the day! Apart from its obvious history, the arcade boasts a gift shop with connected from the Tourism Information Office, a fabulous second-hand bookshop, a cafe, a soaring ceiling with stunning interior and exterior spaces. Here also has beautiful breezeway, lots of tables to enjoy a cup of coffee, and or lunch. The architecture is beautiful, the atmosphere so peaceful.


Zara Clark Museum

The museum is very interesting and shows aspect of life in Charters Towers over the years. Has many features on display that typify life in a mining town. The extraordinary treasure chest of curios covering the life and history of Charters Towers and the region over the last 100 years. Poignant displays covering the high number of WW1 & 2 casualties from men and women in the local area. Also, all the hosts are National Trust volunteers. It is really an interesting museum.


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What's the weather like?


Charters Towers has a steppe/semi-arid climate where it can be extremely hot in the summer while winters are cooler. Rainfall occurs mostly from December to February with the rest of the months being fairly dry. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 33°C with an average minimum of 22°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 24°C with an average minimum of 11°C.

Get to know Charters Towers's history


Charters Towers were founded in the 1870s as a gold mining settlement after gold was found by accident during a storm. The town grew as the gold rush attracted many miners to settle there. During the gold rush, the population in Charters Towers went up to 30,000, making it the second largest city after Brisbane at the time. The gold venture in Charters Towers were relatively successful as the gold field produced over 200 tonnes of gold during its boom years.

Since the First World War, gold mining became unprofitable as labour was hard to find and gold nearer to the surface were exhausted. As a result of that, the town has stagnated and declined to a population of only approximately 8000 people today.

Looking for visitor and tourist information, maps and brochures, booking assistance and local expert tips in Charters Towers? Check out the Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre!