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Maroochydore Queensland

The heart of the Sunshine Coast region, where the roaring ocean meets the calm Maroochy River.

At a Glance

It is not an overstatement to say Maroochydore is the heart of the Sunshine Coast region as the CBD of the region lies here. It is also the largest shopping and entertainment precinct in the whole region, Sunshine Plaza - the region’s biggest shopping complex with more than 200 specialty stores - is located in Maroochydore. Maroochydore has a very distinct culture, having many unique cafes, diverse cuisines and a growing live music scene.

Being a coastal town, there are a multitude of marine activities to be done, including but not limited to cruises, diving, wind sailing, surfing and others. The nearby Maroochy River is also up for exploration, you can take a swim in the calm waters, hire a kayak or just sit down with a fishing rod to wait for your catch.



Where is Maroochydore?


Maroochydore is 104 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Maroochydore is the central hub of the Sunshine Coast Region located at the mouth of the Maroochy River with the Pacific Ocean to the east. Cornmeal Creek, a tributary of the Maroochy River flows through the center of the urban centre, effectively splitting the city central in half. Maroochydore can be reached via air from the major cities of Australia or you can drive there from Brisbane.


Things to see in Maroochydore


Maroochydore Beach

Maroochydore beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on the coast. The beautiful golden sand and the river estuary are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and board riders, or any type of water sport. It is a lovely clean beach and the views of the ocean and the sunrise were stunning.

Maroochydore Beach

Image Courtesy Tourism And Events Queensland


Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza is well known for a reason. From Target to Myers all types of shoppers are catered for, and there are even a Woolies for your groceries. Also, here has lots of cafes and restaurants, cinemas and gaming and is located centrally in Maroochydore.If you want something, I am sure you would be able to find it here.


Chambers Island

Chambers Island is a beautiful little island for a family or friends, with small fun park and lovely beachy spots to have a splash around. Also a nice location for a picnic. It also has a great the lovely footbridge that links from the mainland. It is interesting to see the different bird life, the different trees growing on the island. The picnic area was very clean.


Nights on Ocean

Nights on Ocean is an artisans market created to bring together creatives that specialise in art, culture, design and cuisine. Essentially this is a night market that has been created to bring the street alive with local and international food, great local bands and buskers as well as shopping for designer jewellery, clothes, bags and accessories.



What's the weather like?


As the Sunshine Coast region is a relatively small region, most of its locations experience similar climates with very slight variations. The Sunshine Coast features a humid subtropical climate like most of South Queensland, with hot summer and cool winter nights. Precipitation can occur anytime during the year with the absence of a dry season. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 28°C with an average minimum of 21°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 21°C with an average minimum of 10°C.


Get to know Maroochydore's history


Maroochydore was settled in the late 1800s as a place to graze cattles and and stop for timbers rafting down the river by William Pettigrew. Pettigrew eventually went into liquidation and Thomas O’Connor purchased all his lands, subdivided it and sold it. That was the beginning of creating Maroochydore as a seaside resort in The Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast was first sighted by James Cook in 1770. The first Europeans settled the area were three castaways, who lived with the local people in the 1820s. In subsequent decades, the area became home to many escaped convicts in Brisbane. The area has also seen aggression from native people who were in opposition of white settlement. Having relative abundance of timber, timber cutters began to explore the area in the mid 1800s and several ports to ship timber were established.

After WWII, The Sunshine Coast became a hotspot for surfing, several resorts and theme parks were developed to bolster tourism as a result. Its slow population growth has been accelerated greatly by the tourism industry. Today, The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.