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Capricorn Region Queensland

The Capricorn region is named so because it lies under the Tropic of Capricorn. This region provides unique experiences for visitor as it combines the beautiful coastlines of the sunshine state with a Wild West twist. Capricorn provides encapsulating natural attractions from lush green fields, smooth limestone caves to the vast blue ocean.

At a Glance

One notable location in the Capricorn Region is Rockhampton, also known as the “Beef Capital of Australia”, being the largest beef exporter in Queensland. Rockhampton’s nickname comes from more than just their economic export, the town holds exciting weekly rodeos at the arena. You can enjoy a juicy succulent steak while watching the show. The town is also laden with “big bulls” statues to pay tribute to its title.

The Capricorn region is also home to several picturesque natural wonders. Immerse yourselves in the wilderness in Carnarvon National Park and awe at beautiful rock paintings by the Aboriginal people. For those that fancies going deep into the earth, the Capricorn Caves are a fantastic choice. These adventurous souls can satisfy their longing for thrill by exploring the dark subterranean tunnels with unknown creatures creeping beyond.

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A charming town with lovable climate located under the Tropics of Capricorn. Famously known as the Beef Capital of Australia.

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A launching point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding islands with clear skies and dazzling waters.

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