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The Wild West in Australia with unique landscapes filled with thick shrubs and rich histories involving bushrangers.

At a Glance

Many calls Gin Gin the Wild Scotsman country because of its history involving the lawlessness of bushrangers. It has a unique landscape with red soil and shrubs. Being in a rural area, there are greater variety of wildlife that you can see. The nearby Goodnight Scrub National Park is a good place to visit and spot many different species of animals from cute wallabies to colourful parrots.

The sense of community is strong in Gin Gin too, with a weekly market held on Saturday where locals set up market stalls to sell their produce. Despite being inland, there is no lack of seafood in Gin Gin as Lake Monduran, a popular destination for Barramundi fishing is located nearby.

Gin Gin


Where is Gin Gin?


Gin Gin is 365 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Gin Gin is a rural service town in the Bundaberg region. It is located on the main road from Brisbane to Cairns and 50km west of Bundaberg, making it the perfect pit stop. The town is surrounded by sugarcane fields, citrus orchards, grazing beef cattle and small specialist crops. One of the most interesting experiences on offer is walking or driving through the Boolboonda Tunnel, reputed to be the longest unsupported tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere. The best way to get to Gin Gin is to drive or fly and take the bus.


Things to see in Gin Gin


Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo

Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo is a fun and affordable day out to be enjoyed by the whole family set just 500M off the Bruce Highway . It has been displaying over 45 species and sub-species of Australian reptiles, amphibians and marsupials including a fantastic snake house, a walk though vivarium housing dragons and frogs and a kangaroo reserve where the animals can be hand fed. The most recent additions to the zoo are the koalas.

Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo

Image Courtesy Tourism And Events Queensland/Sabrina Lauriston


Lake Monduran

Lake Monduran Holiday Park is a great holiday destination for those who enjoy big barramundi fishing, boating and kayaking in a family friendly environment. The holiday park is just a one hour drive from Bundaberg QLD and 20kms from Gin Gin. With a range of accommodation and activity options to choose from, Lake Monduran Holiday Park is your perfect outdoor holiday destination. The area has great cabins, camping and picnic spots, you can hire a houseboat to cruise the lake or hire a boat if you don't have one with you and makes a lovely short-break away or longer stay to lure yourself the big one.

Lake Monduran

Image Courtesy Tourism And Events Queensland


Mount Perry Lookout

From Mount Perry you can head south to the Mingo Crossing Caravan and Recreation Park - one of our undiscovered treasures. This is a great stop-off point, with camping grounds. There are many things to do at the Mount Perry lookout are the heritage walk, St patrick's Catholic church, Memorial Park from the World War 1, Skatepark, Mining Site and Miner’s Statue.


Good Night Scrub

In hilly country in the Burnett Valley, Good Night Scrub National Park protects an intact remnant of once extensive hoop pine rainforest. Most of this 6680ha park is dry vine scrub and vine thicket with tall hoop pines emerging above the forest. Distinctive bottle trees and crows ash are also common. The rest of the park is dry open forest featuring spotted gum, forest red gum and narrow-leaved red ironbark. Good Night Scrub is the last known sighting of the presumed extinct paradise parrot. Part of the park was flooded by the construction of Paradise Dam on the Burnett River in 2005.



What's the weather like?


Gin Gin has a subtropical climate, being warm and temperate. There is an abundance of rainfall in the region throughout the year, even in the dry winter. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 30°C with an average minimum of 20°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 22°C with an average minimum of 9°C.


Get to know Gin Gin's history


Gin Gin began as a transit point for travellers travelling between two major centres Brisbane and Rockhampton. The name was derived from a local Aboriginal language meaning “red soil and thick scrub”. It was first settled in 1847 by European herders but gradually grew, with a post office opening in 1875 and the first school opened in 1882. Being in the Bundaberg region, the economy of Gin Gin is dependent on the sugar industry.