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Redcliffe Queensland

A top seaside destination in the area full of natural charm full of fun activities. Home to musical legend The Bee Gees.

At a Glance

Redcliffe was named so because of the red cliffs surrounding the peninsular, what’s more is that the beaches are filled with red sands! It is home to the wonderful looking Settlement Cove Lagoon and a very beautiful Suttons Beach beachfront. Many fun activities can be done here, activities such as skydiving, swimming, shopping, dinner, picnics, windsurfing and live theatres can be found all in this one place!

It was also home to the musical legends The Bee Gees, who lived in Redcliffe in their youth. These youth would later go on and made music that inspired millions of people all around the world. To commemorate their achievement, a 70m walkway was installed in Redcliffe called the Bee Gees Way, a must-visit for fans.



Where is Redcliffe?


Redcliffe is 28 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Redcliffe is a residential suburb on the Redcliffe peninsula within the Brisbane metropolitan area north of Brisbane. It is a coastal suburb on the Moreton Bay and a gateway to the Moreton Island in the East. Redcliffe can be reached from Brisbane by public transport.


Things to see in Redcliffe


Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

The Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is a peaceful green haven right in the heart of the city - providing the residents a quick escape from the rigours of everyday life. It is also a perfect place for visitors to explore and take photos of the huge variety of native and non-native flora while going on a relaxing picnic.

Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Image Courtesy Tourism And Events Queensland


Bee Gees Way

The Bee Gees Way was developed in conjunction with Barry Gibb, features a life-size statue of the members of the famous band Bee Gees as young boys in Redcliffe, with captioned photographs, album covers from across the band's career, personal stories and reflections by Barry Gibb. There is also a 70-metre mural featuring artwork of Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb. A must visit for Bee Gees fans.


Redcliffe War Memorial Park

In this beautiful memorial park lies a stone cairn, topped with a small white cross commemorating those who have served in various conflicts in Australia. Each face of the memorial holds a bronze sword, resembling additional crosses. On the extreme edges of the low base plinth are the words - LEST WE FORGET - on the four sides.


Redcliffe Museum

The Redcliffe Museum celebrates the evolution of the Peninsula's character and identity, and its significance to the world around it. The Museum is a vibrant, interactive and perpetual repository of the region's past, present and future. The museum offers a stimulating and lively environment that preserves an historical perspective, encourages a thirst for knowledge, and enriches community life well beyond the shores of this bayside paradise.



What's the weather like?


Redcliffe has a humid subtropical climate. Thunderstorms are common in the summers but are milder in nature as compared to more southerly areas. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 28°C with an average minimum of 21°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 20°C with an average minimum of 11°C.


Get to know Redcliffe's history


Redcliffe was named so by John Oxley because of the red cliffs at Woody Point. It was the first colony in Queensland in 1824. However, its colonial history were brief as it was abandoned in favor of Brisbane. Due to its proximity to Brisbane, Redcliffe was popular as a seaside retreat for many years and it grew. Redcliffe was known as the birthplace of the popular music group The Bee Gees as its members lived here for a period of time.