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Ipswich Queensland

A vibrant city full of rich history, unique architecture and culture. Where the past meets modern times, in the form of preserved historic buildings.

At a Glance

Ipswich is one of the oldest cities in Queensland, even older than Brisbane! However, this ‘ancient’ heritage is not lost to time as the city made tremendous efforts to preserve its many old buildings and parks. Instead, the city flows with time and is not lost, having a very modern culture, with lots of food and shopping locations. You can also explore the city’s famous breweries, art galleries and parks.

Ipswich is very reminiscent of Europe, once you arrive there, you would be surprised that a place such as this exists in Australia. You might even think you are lounging in Amsterdam!


Where is Ipswich?


Ipswich is 40 kilometres west of Brisbane.

Ipswich is centrally located in the booming south-east Queensland region of Australia. Ipswich is famous for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage. The City preserves and operates from many of its historical buildings, with more than 6000 heritage-listed sites and over 500 parks. Ipswich is easily accessible from Brisbane Airport. Ipswich is only 45 minutes by road from Brisbane City, visitors can hire a car from airport or take a bus or the Airtrain.

Things to see in Ipswich


Ipswich Nature Centre

The Ipswich Nature Centre in Ipswich's historical Queens Park offers a magical opportunity for visitors to get up close and personal with Australian native wildlife. To make the cute and furry animals feel as at home as possible, much effort has been expended to recreate lush landscaped gardens and exhibits that represents the local bushland and flora communities.


Queens Park

Queens Park is one of the oldest parks in Queensland. There is a history behind every rock beneath your feet and the grand, established shady trees. You can descend the hill to enter Ipswich Central from the east. It is so enchanting that one couldn’t help but be impressed with this gracious, green expanse.


Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve

The Castle Hill has bike trails that are suitable for riders of all sorts of abilities. It is also best known for a technical single trail which can give the challenge to the bikers. The area has a rich heritage of mining culture which can be enjoyed while going on your adrenaline-fuelled downhill mountain biking trip. Castle Hill is a unique place and offers an experience unlike anything else in the region.


White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate

Located just 20 minutes from the Ipswich CBD and 35 minutes' from Brisbane, over 2500 hectare of bushland make up the Estate. It features extensive forested ridges, escarpments and valleys home to an amazing array of plant and wildlife species.


What's the weather like?


Ipswich has a humid subtropical climate with warm summer and mild winter. The temperature in Ipswich generally has more variability as compared to Brisbane, being warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. Similar to other towns of the region, Ipswich is susceptible to heavy summer storms. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 30°C with an average minimum of 20°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 21°C with an average minimum of 6°C.

Get to know Ipswich's history


The area around Ipswich was first explored in 1826 by Captain Patrick Logan. The area was laden with huge limestone and mineral deposits, attempts were made to extract these minerals and Ipswich was then founded as a mining settlement. It became a thriving mining town and inland port as population grew rapidly following its settlement. It was one of the potential choices to be Queensland’s capital but ultimately Brisbane was chosen. Ipswich was proclaimed a city in 1904 and recognised by some as the ‘cradle of coal mining in Queensland’.

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