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This Disclaimer document sets out the manner of which Holiday Guide Pty Ltd, the owner of this website, is and is not liable for any claims and damages as a result of your utilisation of this website. The exact definition of the owner and the terms used in this Disclaimer is set out in our Terms & Conditions.

All of the information in this website is presented by Holiday Guide Pty Ltd using original and sourced authorised materials, all of these information are intended only to be for general information purposes and to be used as a guide only. While we strive to maintain information that is accurate and up-to-date, we do not guarantee or make any representation, whether implied or express, in regards to the reliability, completeness, accuracy, suitability and validity of the website or any information, service, product or media components present on the website for any purpose. We take no responsibility of any liability that may arise from your use of such information and such use are strictly at your own risk.

In no circumstance will Holiday Guide Pty Ltd be liable for any loss, damage or liability without limitation, consequential or indirect damage or loss, or any loss or damage that may arise from the loss of data or profits that may arise, directly or indirectly with the use of this website.

Through the use of our website, it is possible that you may be redirected onto other external site of which the nature, availability and content are entirely out of our control. The presence and inclusion of any of these external links to other websites does not implicitly signal our recommendation or endorsement of the content and views these sites express. We will take no responsibility over any damages, losses and liability that may arise from the use of these weblinks.

Although extensive efforts are made to maintain the website in a functional state, we take no responsibility and liability in the case where the website is subjected to temporary unavailability due to technical difficulties that is out of our control.

Visual graphics and multimedia contents such as photographs, maps, illustrations and other images are intended only for general purposes and not to be relied upon to inform oneself about the subject matter as it may not always be accurate and relevant to the actual product or service (accommodation, car hire, tours etc) advertised. Maps and other geographic projections may not be adhering to actual scale and should only be used as a guide.

We make no claim and do not expressly or implicitly represent ourself to be a Travel Agent. We accept no direct payments from and for the movements of any persons and entities. We will not be liable for any damages as a result of said movement undertaken from the utilisation of our website in any way such as the usage of external links or the submission of booking for an individual or company's own accord and purposes. Any personal details and information you provide is done so at your own risk.

The sales and payments of any online booking relating to accommodation and tour services on your website are represented and received by the Visitor Centre acting in an agency relationship on behalf of the entity providing the services. Holiday Guide Pty Ltd receives no payment or funds directly from any persons making online bookings on our websites. Holiday Guide Pty Ltd may only receive payments from Visitor Centres for providing a marketing service in the form of online booking links.

Neither Holiday Guide Pty Ltd nor the Visitor Centres accept responsibility for any price variation, inaccuracy and changes of the services displayed. Through using the links for online bookings on our website, the user bounds himself by the Terms & Conditions of the Visitor Centres in completing payment and transaction. No liability can be attributed to us as a result of any breach of the Visitor Centres' Terms & Conditions by any entity.

We shall not be responsible for any claim as a result from any car hire endeavour that is a result of using external website links to any vehicle hire operator.

Holiday Guide Pty Ltd will not accept any form of liability for any claims resulting from any booking submission and activity to a Visitor Centre through our website.

In the case where a staff member of Holiday Guide Pty Ltd has been given authority by any entity to submit booking requests on their behalf to a third party and where Holiday Guide Pty Ltd has received no payment from said entity bestowing the authority, we shall not accept any responsibility to any claims or damages as a result of completing the booking request. Our Privacy Policy contains details and policies that governs how we may use the information you supply to us.

This Disclaimer is subject to the laws of the State Of Queensland, Australia and International Law.

If you have queries, complaint or dispute regarding our Disclaimer, please e-mail us.