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Join QLD Holiday Guide, a premier website and a leading platform for Queensland holiday bookings. We are proudly based locally in the amazing and inspiring city of Brisbane.

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You can advertise your business through our website at and our noteworthy social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ we can reach out to thousands of visitors every month that will come to enjoy their holiday in Queensland. Our responsibility is to deliver these people to tourism business that we represent! Let us represent you.

If you think and agree that QLD Holiday Guide will be a fantastic option as marketing channel to boost your business, what you can do is to submit a request for your advert using the link below.

Why QLD Holiday Guide?

QLD Holiday Guide features a great looking and easily navigatable layout that helps visitor search for desired Queensland tourism operators with a breeze. QLD Holiday Guide also features a number of big and beautiful images of Queensland that creates a sense of authenticity and credibility.

Our friendly logo and the beautiful sky blue website theme help connect Visitors with the big sunny skies of the Sunshine State.

Add your business details to QLD Holiday Guide. It will help direct more traffic in your business, greatly enhance your online prescence and increase bookings from many new customers.

If you have any queries to discuss with us, whether in person or over email, we are glad to respond to your questions and talk about our services. Feel free to call our office to discuss your options on 1300 885 775 (+61 8 9460 4900).

What We Charge

$300.00 +GST ($330.00) per 12 months.

Pay at sign up and receive an instant $10 discount! We accept direct deposit, cheque, credit card or debit card.



What You Receive

A dedicated page within QLD Holiday Guide will be specially created for your business. Your QLD page can contain as much information as you want and will be linked to all the categories and appear in relevant search results relating.



We include a detailed description of your choosing, all tariffs, cancellation and booking policies and conditions, an interactive photograph gallery and a Google map to show your location.

    Tick  Links to your website and e-mail

    Tick  Display of your telephone numbers

    Tick  A photo gallery with up to 8 images

    Tick  A google map and directions

    Tick  Full business description

    Tick  Facilities and cancellation policy

    Tick  Hot deals and seasonal specials

You will receive increased branding, more traffic to your website and ultimately more customers.

Renewal Authorisation

We review all our client's performance from year-to-year.

Your account is only renewed for another year with your express approval and consent.

We treat each of our customers equally as they are all equally important to us. We are confident that QLD Holiday Guide will be an important and valued part of your marketing budget. We strive to generate more value for your money by challenging ourselves to provide you with more and more new customers.

Google Ranking

QLD Holiday Guide enjoys great success on Google. We rank highly on search engines so you don't have to worry about it. A search on Google will reveal that our website are highly ranked, which is a good news to you as any search of your property may show up on the frontpage, giving you substantial exposure if you lack the online prescence.

Our mean and dedication will save you time, effort, money and the hassle to tend to the technicalities of developing a website and a online promotion platform. Just let us handle it and we can help you improve your revenue and reduce your potential cost. 

QLD Holiday Guide provides visitor a comprehensive websites for their holiday planning in Queensland due to the sheer volume as well as the quality and relevance of our content. QLD Holiday Guide can become a platform through which a visitor can complete planning their holiday and bookings in one go. Visitors may even stumble onto QLD Holiday Guide through an unrelated query due to our good ranking on Google. 

Client Portfolio

Many of our customers are Queensland's largest tourism operators. These include major car hire companies such as Lorem, Ipsum and Dolor. Prominent hotels such as Hotstopper Hotel as well as tour operators such as Flaggy Flag Surfing Centre and Placeholder tours.

We are happy to serve any size of business. Several hundred operators, large and small from across Queensland have listed their details and renewed their account year after year because QLD Holiday Guide works. 


Should you need to update your details in your page with us, you can do so. We aims to ensure all your details are accurate, up-to-date and of a high quality. All your information and details are uploaded to our system manually and checked vigorously by our experienced staff to ensure good spelling, grammar and presentation. All details posted online are also reviewed to ensure legibility and quality. We believe we can deliver a better booking rate if the presentation of your details are of higher quality.

We accept images submissions from you. All format of images are accepted and will be expertly processed and presented in the best light. The service to provide updates and changes to your information and photographs are free of charge, you may also make as many changes as you like.